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    Hi there,

    This post is not related to any queries about MyBB. BUt, as found MyBB link on Barebones CMS forum, I thought someone from here will help me to resolve my problem.

    Problem: Since last 2 days, I cannot login or register on Barebones CMS forum site. Seems the problem is on their end as my friend tried the same but no luck. I have been getting following error.
    "This system does not have any active providers. Either no providers have been configured or your current location has been blocked."

    I don't have any other way of communication to them.

    Can anybody help?

    Thanks in advance

    alt text
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    This forum is about NodeBB, not MyBB. Seems you're not on the right place.

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    Author of Barebones CMS here. The message you received is associated with your IP address, which indicates that your current IP address has probably been flagged globally a known spam source. Even after you clear up the spam issue on your end, the IP information on the server side is cached for two weeks. You can always send an e-mail to [email protected].

    NodeBB is not associated with MyBB. The folks behind MyBB are not associated with Barebones CMS nor any other CubicleSoft related product.

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    Thanks all, this is my website

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