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    I'm trying to setup a Digital Ocean app using the Dockerfile below - this is based on the original Dockerfile from the Docker container packages. I managed to get this working locally having little changes made to the original Dockerfile, since I'm using a custom template and this is pulled from a public git repo on the NodeBB package.json file, so no major changes from the normal setup.

    Here's the Dockerfile I'm using:

    FROM --platform=linux/amd64 node:lts as npm RUN mkdir -p /usr/src/build && \ chown -R node:node /usr/src/build WORKDIR /usr/src/build ARG NODE_ENV=production ENV NODE_ENV $NODE_ENV # nodebb-docker/ folder contains the repo COPY --chown=node:node nodebb-docker/install/package.json /usr/src/build/package.json USER node RUN npm install --omit=dev FROM --platform=linux/amd64 node:lts RUN mkdir -p /usr/src/app && \ chown -R node:node /usr/src/app WORKDIR /usr/src/app ARG NODE_ENV ENV NODE_ENV $NODE_ENV COPY --chown=node:node --from=npm /usr/src/build /usr/src/app USER node RUN npm rebuild && \ npm cache clean --force COPY --chown=node:node nodebb-docker /usr/src/app ENV NODE_ENV=production \ daemon=false \ silent=false EXPOSE 4567 CMD test -n "${SETUP}" && ./nodebb setup || node ./nodebb build; node ./nodebb start

    Even though the build is running successfully (locally and in production) and I can run the container locally, I get this message on failed deployment:

    [2023-07-27 13:56:26] 2023-07-27T13:56:26.239Z [3] - info: Launching web installer on port 4567 []

    Anyone has had this before? Thank you 🙏

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    Never mind I was accidentally using the $ sign LOL. Was a long night.

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    Sol BreakGuruz AmarpreetS

    @educator Hi there. Fellow Indian here. I would recommend DigitalOcean over Vultr due to a number of reasons having used both. However there is a 3rd option which is better imo and that is Linode. 2 main reasons.

    Linode offers double RAM at 10$. You get 2gb RAM instead of 1gb for 10$. What I am getting from your post is that you want a 5$ plan. However it will be insufficient for even a small sized forum. Try going for the 2gb RAM option at Linode. Unless you are a registered business in India you shall have to pay 15% service tax on Digitalocean as of Jan 1 2016. Businesses dont have to pay this tax as long as they dont have a turnover of greater than 10 lacs per annum. This is because DO has officially entered the Indian Market and will need to comply with the Indian Tax authorities. This is not the case of Linode as they dont have an Indian office . This means that the DO plan at 10$ will be more than twice expensive when compared to Linode.

    Rest is upto you. Feel free to ask anymore questions

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    Well, damn. Didnt know that.

    Okay, Thanks for your phenomenal help, @pichalite.

    Gonna mess around with this proxying and nginx a bit now that everything is moving forward again.

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    @Ted said:

    Run command to change flag responsible for using custom CSS in redis.

    hset config useCustomCSS 0

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    @luke said:

    @a_5mith Even if you need to update NodeBB?

    Believe so. Taken from this blog post

    I'm glad to say that I did end up figuring out the second problem, and NodeBB now comes with a "Reload" functionality in addition to the existing "Restart":

    The results?

    Reloads are now transparent and do not kick existing connections off. Admins used to be afraid to swap plugins because a server restart incurred downtime. Not anymore!

    Occasionally, incompatible plugins break NodeBB. The new reload system will catch errors as they occur, display them to the admin, and continue serving the old assets, meaning NodeBBs will no longer be left dead in the water when a plugin breaks.

    End users won't notice a reload, as connections are maintained. Restart downtimes are reduced to near-zero, as a parallel instance is started and seamlessly switched over when ready.

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    @julian Thanks, now it's no problem : )

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    @a_5mith said:


    Yay! @a_5mith "donated" $10 to NodeBB 😄

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    @julian Any clue when this will be? And where can we see the changes?