NodeBB 1.4.0 with embed video plugin?

  • NodeBB version release fast and some plugin can't work well.
    Look like nodebb-plugin-embed-videos (last update 9month, run in NodeBB v0.7.x - v1.0.0) or nodebb-plugin-youtube-lite (last update 1 year)

    Embed media going to popular needed for most internet content.

    Love NodeBB 1.4.0 so much. I don't wanna to downgrade to 1.3.0 xD

    Any idea?

  • I've been using the Iframely plugin. I ended up just using their cloud service since I have not been super successful at deploying Iframely myself along with Camo.

  • I use this:

    • nodebb-plugin-embed-combo
    • nodebb-plugin-youtube-embed

  • @alff0x1f thanks, its work well xD

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    The Iframely plugin takes care of 95% of cases where you want to embed something, and there's a configuration you can make that gets you the embeds, without it counting toward your limit (if you use the cloud service). For uploaded videos, I use the ns-embed one with a custom rule

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