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  • I see I can configure moderators for a category.
    Would it be difficult to implement feature that OP is automatically a moderator of his own topic?
    If it is not that difficult, please give me tips how would you implement it so I can try to implement this according to your point of view, so the final plugin or pull request is easier to be accepted if such a feature is wanted.

  • @Tomáš-Simon-Klapka

    An OP as the moderator of his own topic? That doesn't sound right to me. What specific privileges will that status confer on the OP?

    Should (s)he be able to delete the topic and/or posts within the topic? That, btw, is a bad idea.

    Should (s)he be able to move the post? And that also is another bad idea.

  • @planner well, I have a kind of progressive "liberal" or "anarchistic" community where this feature is required. No global or category moderators but only OP has privileges and responsibility for cleaning mess in his own topic and keeping the topic as he wants, because it is his topic 🙂

    I can imagine why this is a bad idea for most of the communities but my community hates centralized power and wants that power to be decentralized as much as possible 😄

    Sure there is admin still able to do anything but it would be used only in very rare cases, where not moderation might cause legal issues (anonymizing unauthorized publication of personal information or law enforcment organizations' requests for content removal)

  • @Tomáš-Simon-Klapka

    Well, that seems to reside in the domain of a plugin. It will definitely be useful on sites like yours.

  • I like this idea to a limited extent, as a plugin to be able to assign certain mod powers to a user for specific threads could be a very useful thing.

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