Unsafe static fonts on https

  • Anime Lovers

    I've applied https to our site: https://qtdream.com
    However, some of the resources are not https prefixed, causing browser some warnings.
    Some targeting at http://fonts.gstatic.com/s/raleway/v11/RJMlAoFXXQEzZoMSUteGWKCWcynf_cDxXwCLxiixG1c.ttf
    But I could find any code that uses the resource directly. How do I do to resolve this problem? Many many thanks on your reply.

  • Just checked this site and all mixed content are only images, couldn't find ttf. Anyway its just a warning that images are not going trough https.

  • Anime Lovers

    Resolved using my own way: changed lavender theme's source code.

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