Trying to purge users from command line `node purge.js user`.

  • I am writing a small program in python to remove bots from forum. Learning node.js and redis from about 2 days from now on but couldn't figure it out how to use build in module nodebb/src/posts/delete.js Posts.purge.

    So my question is, is it possible to remove user and all its content from command line?

    All my tries failed, and I am not sure how code suppose to look like.

  • Admin

    You will have to init the database and then load the required module. Here is some sample code. As always make a backup of your database before running it.

    var nconf = require('nconf');
    	file: 'config.json'
    var db = require('./src/database');
    db.init(function(err) {
    	if (err) {
    		console.log('NodeBB could not connect to your database. returned the following error: ' + err.message);
    	var userIdToDelete = '123';
    	var callerUid = 0;
    	var user = require('./src/user');
    	user.delete(callerUid, userIdToDelete, function (err) {
    		if (err) {
    			return process.exit();
    		console.log('user id ' + userIdToDelete + ' deleted');

    You would place this in a file in the root of your nodebb installation and run it with node filename.js. You can modify the userIdToDelete variable to delete a user by uid.

  • @baris Hm was doing similar approach, please check my another question with path.js error.

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