Strategic multiplayer board game website, please criticize!


    Please bash the website and me as much as possible.

    Thank you! ❤

  • Oh that seems pretty cool, is the actual game component a NodeBB plugin?

  • @psychobunny i originally developed the game component as a standalone , and then just baked it into nodebb as a plugin.

    By the way, I have an official website up for it now:

    I see you guys joined on the heroku up, thank you for checking it out! Lets play some games on now ❤

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Use scouts to capture the opponent's base for a quick win, but do it when you have a good guess.

    Does this mean a scout can just be moved straight into the enemy base and capture it if the base itself isn't completely surrounded? 😬

    Perhaps you can adapt something like Zone of Control, so if you're next to an enemy, you can only move one hex... just a thought, might add some depth to the game 😄

  • @julian unit types are hidden until they fight. the scout needs to know which unit is the actual enemy's base, and if it makes a mistake, it will die. Also, yes the base can be simply covered by any other unit. Scouts only move in a straight line.

    Zone of Control is a GREAT idea, I will look into that. It may come into upcoming versions of the game, but it will need to be play tested first.

    The current rule-set has been play tested with a couple friends for over 250 games and was designed with balance in mind. Try a few games, play a best out of 7 with someone! (like me) 🙂

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