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  • Hello,

    Is there a plugin available (or something similar that can be modified) to allow me to add sort of an extra column to the topic list view (between the topic title and the number of posts in a topic)?

    I saw this plugin (which could do the trick) nodebb-plugin-topic-badges (https://github.com/psychobunny/nodebb-plugin-topic-badges) but it seems very old.

    I basically want to assign someone to a topic (someone other than the topic creator).


  • Hm, that's definitely not a simple task, since not only do you want to display that new column, you need to store the data for each topic to mark who is assigned, etc.

    You'd probably want to hire one of the developers here to scope out this project for you.

  • Not sure how i missed your reply. Thanks for getting back to me. For now i think we are just going to use the tags field since the person assigned doesn't have to be linked via the users table. Its more of a, let me check who is running that project (imagine each topic as a mini project) and since we dont use tags for anything else i think they may work fine.

    Thanks again

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