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  • Are there a plugin for these, or stock with NodeBB?

    1. How does one make it so that a moderator must approve a topic in order for the topic to become publicly view able?

    2. How can I set it up so that all new members posts must be approved before they are displayed? I figure that this will deter the spammers.

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    @gotwf yes 👍 thanks again @baris for the plugin.

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    @crazycells post queue isn't accessible to spiders afaik.

  • First post always editable

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    This is completely different and much more complex request.
    To achieve functionality I am askin gfor, they have just add a new settings for 'always be able to edit first post' and when checking, if user is allowed to edit post skip checks of 'time, while allowed to edit' setting.

    No need to add wiki functionality, just a small tune for posts editing time settings, which are already in core.

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    I think this is plugin territory. In my forum I have several threads where only admins can post updates for users. Not really a discussion topic, more of a change log or mini blog. If posts were to start merging the updates would get tangled.

    Just one use case, but I'd prefer the core code not to automatically join double posts....or at least make it an option.

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    .header .header-topic-title { display:none; }

    ??? 😆

    But in all seriousness, it seems like something that wouldn't really be missed. On mobile you only see 14 characters of a title anyway, and on desktop you've got the title of the topic in the tab, and on the address bar. Plus in terms of SEO, it doesn't really help nor hinder as it only appears when you've scrolled down the page, so the SEO would come from the title being to the right of the avatar, or even from the breadcrumbs.