Help - Configuring Apache v2.2.15 as a reverse proxy to NodeBB

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    BTW. npm audit give me whole bunch of so called "security issues".
    No, now just one ...

    npm audit fix could not fix these - so how can that be fiexed?

    $ npm audit # npm audit report bootbox * Severity: moderate Cross-Site Scripting - No fix available node_modules/bootbox 1 moderate severity vulnerability Some issues need review, and may require choosing a different dependency.

    Anyone knows what to do here?

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    @MJ said in ./nodebb upgrade not works:


    cd nodebb (or path to where nodebb is installed)
    ./nodebb stop
    git fetch
    git checkout v1.12.x
    git merge origin/v1.12.x
    ./nodebb upgrade

    after upgrade

    ./nodebb start

    I have a "one liner" that I use like this. This is what I do...

    git fetch && git checkout v1.12.x && git pull && ./nodebb stop && npm i && ./nodebb upgrade && npm i && ./nodebb start && ./nodebb log

    I put the version right at the beginning so there is just one place to change it (a script and variable would be better, but I'm lazy.) I do the NPM install manually because it used to fail. Been using the same command since the 0.6.0 days, I'd guess. And I add the log at the end so that if I look away, I always see the log scrolling to know that things are okay.

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    @PitaJ Oh, I got it. But I tried and unfortunately it does not change the attribute.

    Plus, I found the value is the length of placeholder 's length. the default English placeholder is "Enter tags here, between 3 and 24 characters each.", that's why it is 50.

    I am using zh-CN, according to translation, it is 23 characters, so value is 23.
    However, one character Chinese is 2 English letter wide, to show the placeholder full, the value need to be 46.

    Can you fix it? thanks.

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    @Danny-McWilliams said:

    Give this post by ngsankar a try. It sets it up from scratch

    Thank you for the help. Those instructions didn't work for me, But I was able to figure it all out, FINALLY. NGINX and reverse proxy was a headache. kept wanting to go to Figured out that on OC under proxypass you have to put instead of Then restart nginx via service nginx restart. Did everything as root. no need to create a new user with sudo privileges..

  • installation of nodebb

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    As an aside, I think that Docker will be the easiest way to install and update a nodebb installation soon.