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    I'm very new to NodeBB so apologies if there is an obvious answer to this, but where might I find the reply-by-email plugin that I've seen mentioned in a couple of threads on here? I've searched github as well as the built-in search but coming up blank. Have tried the Mandrill plugin, but the route provided by the plugin seems not to be recognised by Mandrill, and the Mailgun plugin appears to only offer notifications. Can anyone help with this?

    Many thanks,


  • Hey @Paul-Vincent I wish I could help you, I'm also quite interested in such feature.
    By the way which other plugins did you try and found convincing to use? :smiley:
    Feel free to reply me here if you don't want to poison this topic with other discussion than you request. ;)

  • Hi Greenmoon,

    So far we've been using Write API for scripting the creation of new users from our CRM (I work for an educational institution, so we want it to be closed to just our students and tutors), and Google SSO for them to auth in via pre-provisioned GApps accounts. The Mandrill Emailer plugin appears to be geared towards achieving a post from email feature, but Mandrill is balking at the suggested URL from the NodeBB plugin (/admin/plugins/emailer-mandrill/emailer-mandrill/reply), seemingly due to permissions errors as the URL resolves itself to /login?local=1 in the Mandrill URL field.

    I'm assuming it's a version issue, as the Mandrill plugin isn't available outside of Github. Unfortunately this is a required feature in my spec for a forum, based on student/tutor demand, so we may end up forced down the Discourse route.

  • Admin

    Hi @Paul-Vincent -- we no longer support Mandrill officially (community-support only) as they moved to paid plans. Our new suggestion is SendGrid, though the support for inbound emails is not present as yet.

    We would be open to a third-party commissioning us for creation of this feature, let us know by emailing us at :smile:

  • @julian would you also consider open source such as PHPList or even better ? :)

  • @Paul-Vincent thanks for sharing such insights. I'm super interested in the CRM part that we could use for our volunteers community. Can these be split from other forum members?

  • @greenmoon You could separate them out, by adding the API-created users to a pre-created private group, leaving the public members to the other categories. In fact, that's what I had in mind for our tutor community, as they would tend to have their own private section separated out from the students. The range of endpoints that can be used are on this page:

  • @julian said in Reply by Email:

    Many thanks Julian, will do! :smile:

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