Some issues after upgrading to 1.2.1

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  • Plugins not listed in 1.19.5

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    I just updated a forum, the problem is solved. The plugins are listed. But have another problem, but will open a separate thread for it.

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    So finally the error is gone.

    I added this environment variable to my Openshift proyect:
    LD_PRELOAD = '/opt/app/node_modules/sharp/vendor/lib/'

    This is the url to sharp inside my node_modules.

    When I opened the terminal I get and error saying that it can't be preloaded but after installing all dependencies the error is gone, and I could upload images!!!

    Thank you very much @PitaJ !!!!

  • Upgrade error

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    Run npm i commander on 1.7.x and try again.

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    Yup you are right.. I did a search for my changes prior to upgrading and my search brought me to \public\templates\partials\post.tpl file instead of the one in the persona theme..

    I just made the changes in the theme folder and everything looks good again.

    Thanks for your help

  • Github issue importer

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    No, it's not publically available because it doesn't meet my quality requirements for publication. I can send it to you if you're interested.