Category/forum display template = FAQ format

Feature Requests
  • New products such as NodeBB will get alot of noob questions about it.

    So why not bake into NodeBB an optional and alternate forum/category display format you can choose to allow posts and replies to be listed in a more FAQ like fashion with ability to order threads (questions) ?

    It would be useful for NodeBB itself, so you can dump all the same old repeated questions and their answers into a specific category forum called FAQ and have it neatly laid out in FAQ like manner.

    For stock out of box NodeBB, you can also include a ready made and populated FAQ category for NodeBB manual for beginners on how to use NodeBB etc. Why wait until the end to write up documentation, when you can do it as you progress now ? 🙂

  • @eva2000

    I believe we've discussed the possibility of having a HELP tab in the composer, but I can also see the usefulness of a FAQ thread or even a FAQ page.

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