How to change default size of dialog used for adding new topic?

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    Usually size of dialog is only half-screen but I want fullscreen/maximized by default. I've tried adding class "maximized" to class "composer", but didn't get desired effect. There must be something I've missed when I was looking into code on Github.

    Default size:

    Desired size:

    Also is it possible to link directly to this dialog in particular category? For example: I want to send someone who needs help with NodeBB a link which would lead him directly to this category (Tech support on, with maximized/fullscreen dialog for creating a new thread.

  • GNU/Linux

    I found this:

    It works from navbar but doesn't seem to work if I add the link on custom homepage.

    I'm using plugins nodebb-plugin-custom-homepg and nodebb-plugin-custom-pages.

  • @metalkramp size of new topic composer
    depends on function resize.reposition


        resize.reposition = function(postContainer) {'[resize.js] reposition called');
       	var ratio = getSavedRatio(); // get size ratio here
       	if (ratio >= 1 - snapMargin) {
       	    ratio = 1;
            resizeIt(postContainer, ratio);


        function getSavedRatio() {
            return localStorage.getItem('composer:resizeRatio') || 0.5;

    try setting it before resize.reposition called, like:

        localStorage.setItem('composer:resizeRatio', 1);

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