• I almost feel I'm missing something obvious:
    The forum traffic graph in the dashboard is very nice. But why does it show last 24 hours? If the data is saved, wouldn't it be much better if one could choose the time interval, for instance see a few months of activity? Am I missing some obvious setting?

  • That something obvious was that you can click on this month and last month. Still, it would be nice to have last year as well.

  • NodeBB Admin

    We already store the data so I don't see why not, there could be a date range picker in the ACP dashboard.

  • @baris How much data is stored? Does the analytics data expunge from the db after some time or should I run a clean up process to keep the database from becoming over filled with historical log data?

  • NodeBB Admin

    We don't delete analytics data. You can check how many analytics documents are store with.

    db.objects.find({_key: {$regex: /^analytics*/}}).count();

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