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  • [2016-09-12T17:36:15.076Z] [process-count-at:19957] skipping topic:_tid: 20027:cid:15:_cid:1283:uid:2:_uid:1 err: Error: [[error:no-category]]
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    I am trying to import my wordpress posts, but facing this issue. Please help.

  • Community Rep

    Make sure you're only on v1.0.0 (the tag). If the error is still occurring, report it here: https://github.com/akhoury/nodebb-plugin-import/issues

  • @Bri i do not get you. What do mean by i am on v 1.0.0 ? :-)

  • Community Rep

    Ok, I'm assuming you're on master then, which is the branch you're on when you first clone the project.

    Or, did you even clone the project? How did you install in the first place?

  • Community Rep

    Yeah, so then you're probably on v.1.1.2 or close to it. You need to wipe your DB, and then start over, checking out v1.0.0: cd <your NodeBB directory> && rm -rf node_modules && git checkout v1.0.0 && ./nodebb install

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