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    Hi, I would like to display a scrollbar to the right of topics. NodeBB already has the scrollbar but it's embedded in the pagination block in the bottom right corner.

    I tried modifying the code in the scrollbar.tpl file (persona template) but it did not work which is not surprising since the code in there is just an HTML container.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    There's no way to expose HTTPS without a reverse proxy. This was a conscious decision to keep a separation of concerns, reduce development overhead, because reverse proxies have better support, and because anyone running multiple instances will need one for load balancing anyways.

    Nginx is quite easy to set up, and LetsEncrypt has very good support for it.

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    Have you tried installing [email protected] using -g?
    It would be something like this.
    npm install -g [email protected]

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    This is the peak today(about 75% of history peak).

    Total: 13965 (kernel 0) TCP: 46823 (estab 13808, closed 32768, orphaned 231, synrecv 0, timewait 32768/0), ports 0 Transport Total IP IPv6 * 0 - - RAW 0 0 0 UDP 0 0 0 TCP 14055 10241 3814 INET 14055 10241 3814 FRAG 0 0 0


    Actually, the performance today is better and fast after I applied a change in config:

    "": { "transports": ["websocket"] }

    That issue was at this link.

  • nodebb log has some error

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    It looks like you forgot to set the callback url or one of the access keys, and it is just guessing the url to go to.