Avatar fields (picture vs uploadedpicture)

  • Hi! I install nodebb3 and now I want import data from my old phpbb3 forum. Topics, posts, private messages import almost fine. I work now with such missing data like avatars, attachments and passwords.

    My question about avatars. Now I writing small script for import avatars.
    I look in mongodb and in object "user:1" I found 2 different fields. "picture" and "uploadedpicture". Can anybody explain difference between this two fields? (if set url value in "picture" it is also work, but why 2 fields?)

    > db.objects.find( {"_key":"user:1"} )
    { "_id" : ObjectId("57cd985672787e570dde8859"), 
    "_key" : "user:1", 
    "username" : "admin", 
    "picture" : "/uploads/profile/1-profileimg.jpg", 
    "uploadedpicture" : "/uploads/profile/1-profileimg.jpg", 
     ... }

    PS may be exist some documentation about nodebb Database structure?

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    uploadedpicture is their most recently uploaded profile picture.

    picture is their currently selected picture.



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