Is there a plugin to post via email?

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  • how is this plugin?

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    it's working! thank you!

  • Imageshack Upload Plugin

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    @crazycells said in Imageshack Upload Plugin:

    ImageShack - API

    Are you still interested in a plugin for Imageshack? I just wrote a cloud storage plugin

    and could either add support for Imageshack to that or develop an independent plugin. Shoot me a PM/email if you're still interested. Thanks.

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    I need a plugin that will automatically delete or prevent posts that match regex's. This would be an extremely powerful way to combat randomized spam.

    Example regex:
    b.a.d s.p.a.m.m.e.r

    This would automatically delete the following posts:
    "B-A-D S-P-A-M-M-E-R"
    "B A D S P A M M E R"
    "B a D S p A m M e R"
    "please visit -> B A D S P A M M E R"
    "B A D S P A M M E R . S P A M"

  • iterate on nodebb posts

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    @bentael I write this run_me.js file and run it with node run_me.js command, that iterate over all nodebb posts and run a JavaScript function on content filed and update it.

    how to efficient it using db.collection('objects').updateMany() ?

    content of run_me.js file:

    var MongoClient = require('mongodb').MongoClient; var assert = require('assert'); var ObjectId = require('mongodb').ObjectID; //'mongodb://<dbuser>:<dbpassword>@<mongodb host>:<mongodb port>/<dbName>' var url = ''; var converter = require("bbcode-to-markdown"); var convert = function(str){ // alter it and put your desire JavaScript cods. if ( typeof str == 'string' ){ str = str.toString().toLowerCase(); return converter(str); } else return str; } var updatePosts = function(db, callback){ var cursor =db.collection('objects').find( { _key:{ $regex: /post:/i } } ); cursor.each(function(err, doc) { assert.equal(err, null); if (doc != null ) { var newcontent = convert( doc.content ); db.collection('objects').updateOne({ _key: doc._key }, { $set: { "content": newcontent } }); console.log("after update --"+doc._key); } else { callback(); } }); } MongoClient.connect(url, function(err, db) { assert.equal(null, err); updatePosts(db, function() { db.close(); }); });
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    Don't ever apologies for providing advice, that after all is why we are all here 👍 and the great thing about advice is that the user can choose what to do with it. In this case I shall be applying it to the letter.