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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to get the current username / encrypt password of the current session during the mail validation in order to
    store it in an other app database.

    Actually, when the mail is validate I can access my other database and store some static data.
    But can't figure out how to get the user current username and encrypt password.

    I'm working inside the user/email.js inside the UserEmail.confirm.

    Any tips or function I can use inside this file to retrieve user information ?

  • Why would you do this? You should never be storing the password in more than one database.

    I think you seriously need to re-think the design of your app.

    If you want to retrieve the hashed password. You need to call the database directly.

    db.getObjectField('user:' + confirmObj.uid, 'password', function (err, password) {
      // Now you have the hashed password.

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