[FIXED] About Transifex Warning Because of extra Parentheses

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  • Hello, I use to translate NodeBB to brazilian portuguese.

    I noticed that when I translate something like this string:

    %1 post(s) selected

    which would be literally in portuguese

    %1 post(s) selecionado(s)

    Transifex shows a warning, even it being perfectly right:

    0_1470951311538_Screenshot from 2016-08-11 18-29-30.png

    But after taking the screenshot I discovered that by clicking the review button it dismisses the warning:

    0_1470951427876_Screenshot from 2016-08-11 18-31-31.png

    So I don't know, if there is an option to disable this transifex feature i think it would be better, as I believe it happens in other languages and not everybody has Reviewer permissions.

  • @priapo Thanks for sharing! I don't believe this setting can be disabled, but it is just a warning, so it can be ignored if the translation sounds right to you 😄

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