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  • Is it possible to include additional metadata into a post? I am looking to have users write game reviews on my site, and include some sections with key information for searching and creating embeds. The more customizable, the better, but I would ultimately want something like:

    • Date (maybe just from the post creation time stamp)
    • Author (pulled from the original post)
    • Review Score
    • Summary
  • Nope. You would need to make a plugin. There's no way to add any additional data to the post without writing your own functions to handle the submit action.

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    You can already create a category only visible to a certain group by creating such a group and selecting the privileges in the ACP.

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    @MJ Another quicker option if the plugin isn't possible in a good amount of time; and if your community is small and trustworthy, you can create an account called anonymous and sticky a topic in a forum only they can see with the password for the account.

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    I work in an environment where there are two nodeBB instances : integration and production.

    Integration is where I've tested all features, graphic design, etc.

    My commmunity is now ready to go into production. I would like to dump all the configuration I've fine tuned in the config platform without the content, i.e. users and posts (which are all dummy, made for testing purpose).

    I've searched the nodeBB forum, and I've only found ways to dump the entire database (config AND content).

    This will also help me in the future: I would like to keep my integration platform to test new configurations and push them to the production once tested.

    Thanks for your help


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    @baris said:

    You can fork it from the topic tools menu, it will create a new topic

    Neat feature! I didn't know about that one 🙂

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    I used the iframe code in a widget with good results. Why reinvent the wheel!