How create a new way to order post

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    I need to add a new way to order posts. Now I see this:

    And I need to order posts from the posts that have zero answers to posts that have more answer. I don't know I can do this. Anyone can help me with some codes or with some examples?

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    @Doppy check the code for "Most posts" and implement it in reverse order.

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    @pichalite thank to your suggest it works I have only topics that aren't "Pin". If I do this:


    The topics show in this way:

    0_1470823128648_Schermata del 2016-08-10 11:45:59.png
    In the image I can see that "primo creato " topic that I have PIN it's the last but I want to become the first.

    I want that when I PIN a topic, this must be the first among the topics (now it is the last).

    In plugin.json I put this hook:

    "hook": "filter:category.topics.prepare", "method": "ordina_zero"

    and in library I do this:

    converter.ordina_zero = function(data, callback) {
    	//Prendo quale element del sorted ha cliccato
    	user.getSettings(data['uid'], function(err, settings) {
    		if (settings.categoryTopicSort === 'zero') {
    			data.reverse = false;
    			data.set = 'cid:' + data.cid + ':tids:posts';
    		callback(null, data);

    My purpose is show the PIN topic at the beginning and after show the topics with their order. Can you help me?

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