Categories Widget | Show all Sub-Categories too?

  • Hi,

    if I add the categories widget to a sidebar it only shows the Main/Head Categories
    but not the subcategories underneath it.

    Is it possible to show them too?


  • after fiddeling around the complete day, i have found it!
    if anyone else need it, you can change the categories.tpl in /nodebb-widget-essentials/public/templates/widgets/ for example into:

    # code block
    <!-- BEGIN categories -->
    <ul class="categories-list">
    <!-- IF ! -->
    <h4><a href="{relative_path}/category/{categories.slug}">{}</a></h4>
    <!-- ELSE -->
    <h4><a href="{}">{}</a></h4>
    <!-- ENDIF ! -->
    <!-- BEGIN children -->
    <!-- IF -->
    <a href="{}" itemprop="url" target="_blank">
    <!-- ELSE -->
      <a href="{config.relative_path}/category/{categories.children.slug}" itemprop="url">}</a><br /> 
    <!-- ENDIF -->
    <!-- END children -->
    <!-- END categories -->

  • Admin

    This is nice we should add this to widget-essentials.



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