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    Appreciate all those providing input on this type of layout. It's too bad the site using the grid layout is not using nodebb or else we could probably get the designer to provide some help.

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    I know that @scottalanmiller is running a relatively high traffic forum on nodebb.

    A lot depends on various factors like if you're running a CDN, what plugins you're running, and any other processes running on the node.

    On my setup, I was running a cluster of three, with a gocamo server, along with redis (for session storage) and mongo, along with (at the time) mysql.

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    once they figure out how to balance the bike the rest would be easy

  • Is NodeBB free?

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    @Dakoom there are probably only 3-4 themes that work with the latest version of NodeBB. There were more themes but are not updated for latest version.

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    Hello @mrneilypops!

    NodeBB plans range from $35 to $100, depending on the feature set.

    $75 and up plans give you advantages like custom DNS forwarding (so you can use something like instead of and daily backups. All plans come with use of the support ticket system, so you can reach us for support for individual instances.

    If you have any other questions, please give us a shout at [email protected] 🙂