How to reset two factor authenticator

  • Hello,

    I have set up a two factor authenticator on my nodebb for my account and in meantime my phone broke and I need to set up a new one with it but I cannot login to the account only if I disable the plugin and I have no options then to reset the 2f authenticator. When I enable the plugin again then it asks me for the code which obviously I don't have.

    Anyone can help with this issue?


  • How would anyone have the guts to install a plugin like this if no one is able to support it or give suggestions on how to fix things like this.

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    Hello @Peter-Zoltan-Keresztes, I apologize that your post may have been overlooked.

    If you cannot access your phone or your 2fa backup codes, you should still be able to disassociate your account by writing directly to the database, as the plugin does here, by deleting the keys and backup codes for your uid.

    The Mongo commands should be:

    db.objects.update({_key: "2factor:uid:key"},{$unset: {"youruidhere": 1}}
    db.objects.remove({_key: "2factor:uid:youruidhere:backupCodes"}}

    replacing youruidhere with your uid

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