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    yes, you're right, the source code contains javascript in order to make highlighter render snippet correctly.

    And I just add a filter to convert markdown to HTML, then use jquery.text() to get the plan text.

    And index the plan text into search finally.

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    Ignore this please. Seems to work now.

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    @pichalite said:

    @purldator v0.6.1 is under development. I think this instance will be updated after v0.6.1 is released.

    NodeBBs runs Master, but a slightly out of date master. They update every week or so to latest master. Likewise as do I. 👍

  • Page Search

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    @julian said:

    @Xiph said:

    would it not be better to simply load any not-yet-loaded posts upon the pressing of CTRL+F

    Unfortunately that wouldn't scale. If you pressed ctrl-F on page one of a 200 page topic, you'll explode your browser 😄

    Just wondering, how then would the current in-topic system avoid that problem when it's not erroneously redirecting you to the search page?

    @julian said:

    See, I always alienate somebody XD I figured having the ctrl-F-jacking only on the topic page would be less invasive, but somehow it's more.

    The problem for me is the inconsistency: if every other page also exhibits the same or extremely similar behaviour (in this case, jumping to the search field up top), I wouldn't have a problem with it.
    (Of course it's usually better not to override default browser functionality... hint hint 😉 )

  • [Solved] search 404

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    currently the search seems to be broken since everything redirects to 404...
    reported on github