• @meetdilip but nodejs is so much easier! 😃 it seems highly unlikely.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Especially since it's already 100% Node. If they'd decided to switch to PHP now they'd have to rewrite thousands of lines of code.

  • GNU/Linux

    Thanks for the insight guys.

  • I like NodeBB. It's beautiful, clean and lightning fast 🙂

    NodeJS based is fine for a communication tool like a forum or a chat, but as cms / cmf I prefer a php base.
    So a bridge between NodeBB and CMS is needed.

    So, how NodeBB could interact or integrated (cms layout with embedded NodeBB, shared login via cms or nodebb api) with a php application?

  • I am not developer, but from my 8 years experience using all kind of php scripts i can say it sux. Dont get me wrong, there is lot of good stuff written in php for sure.

    When i found out recently new technology nodejs, js, WRTC , i knew that is i looking for all this years. Fast, realtime, easy to understand, easy to upgrade.

    Using php scripts, it was pain in ass, cause it was written bad and required lot of server resurces. Right now paying 600$/month for 2 dedicated servers just cause i stuck with some old php code on some high traffic sites. Not to mention that i was so limited with features i want.

    I see no reason why nodebb should be in php. When i found it i realaized that is it. I gonna use it now for my social community project i have for years. Not ShareTronix, not shitty buggy PhPfox wich costed me 1000$ where i was limited with so many basic things. I should pay 200$ only to have simple chat which will have limit for 200 users.

    Simple, I just love this technology .

  • Also, it's nodebb, not phpbb,

  • This post is deleted!
  • Swedes

    I like PHP but nodejs is nice. The nodeBB projekt is for sure the best forum software out there 😉 Regarding hosting, buy a VPS. Its not that hard to fix. Generally shard hosting sucks anyway 😛

  • @jenkler Hint: This topic is very old and was brought back by the devil himself. 😉

  • Swedes

    Ohh, I see 😉

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