How to add a plugIn to my nodeBB ?

  • Hi Folks,
    I just installed NodeBB. Now, I want to add a plugIn (from here - Do I just need to run the (npm install nodebb-plugin-dbsearch) command from my nodeBB install directory ? Is there anything else I need to do have the plugIn working ?

  • You should be able to load the plugin from within the ACP (administrator control panel.) Go here:

    • ACP > Extend > Plugins > Download Plugins
    • Look for the one you want and then click Install.
    • Activate the newly installed plugin ACP > Extend > Plugins > Installed Plugins > specific plugin > Activate
    • You may have to either restart or reload after installing and then activating the plugin

    Many plugins have features available after the reload/restart. Those features are typically found under ACP > Plugins.

  • @assamese that plugin should be installed by default on a new install. You just need to activate it to use it.

  • Thanks everybody for your help.
    I used the ACP to activate the dbsearch plugin. So, I was expecting to see a 'search'-box on the NodeBB-pages, but I do not see anything. So, how do I use this search-plugIn ?

    Sorry, if I am missing something obvious.
    Thanks in advance.

  • I meant to say that the 'Search' icon does not show up

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