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    I'll define my requirements in the form of conversation.

    • A link will be generated and given to the user within Minecraft.
    • The user can click this link, and if the user is authenticated and has the necessary permissions, then he/she can link their in-game Minecraft account with their forum account.

    I understand how to achieve this, my concern is getting the data and specifying custom routes and permissions.

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    Using only the currently logged in nodebb user and minecraft player.

    Two routes needed:

    • Server-only route: POST route. Requires a unique key parameter. Only the forum and the minecraft server know the key. e.g. /mc/link?key=key
    • User route: GET route. Used to link accounts, requires a UUID and a unique player key. e.g. /mc/link/:uuid/:key

    Minimum two DB keys need:

    • {uuid}:key String key, stores the unique player key for the UUID. (Could also be a hash to store additional data.)
    • user:{uid}:uuid String key, stores the UUID linked to the user. (Could also be stored on the user hash, or made into a set for multiple linkings.)


    • Minecraft player types a command.
    • Server users server-only route to tell the forum it needs a registration link. Sending the unique key to verify the request is valid.
    • Forum creates a unique player key and stores it in the DB, then sends the player key to the server.
    • Server gives a link to the player, using the unique player key and the players' UUID.
    • User visits link, if the user is logged in, and the uuid-key pair matches what is already in the DB, then the accounts are linked, using additional DB entries.
    • The player key is deleted.


    • The player key should expire relatively quickly, like 5 minutes.
    • Invalid requests to the user route should be monitored and blocked after a low threshold, like 3 tries.
    • NodeBB middleware already validates the logged in user, which is why we do no additional checks.


    On the last line in the diagram, I send a confirmation message, but we can't actually do this because we have not established a persistent connection. You could solve this by either having an http server on the server, or creating a socket connection to the forum.

    Or you could use Minecraft-Integration 😉

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