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    If you have access to the plugin directory I assume you could do the follow:

    Go into directory nodebb-plugin-contact-page/languages/ Make a copy of the directory en-GB and name it he Go into the new directory he and open file contactpage.json Change english texts on the right to the corresponding hebrew texts and save. You may need to rebuild and restart nodebb.

    I don't see any other way to change it, but if you can't make these changes then you'll likely need to request them from the plugin developer.

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    problem solved
    Thanks to everyone who tried to help

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    Thanks for the information ! We had a final discussion today where we conclude to start with nodebb simply because our main app is also on nodejs stack which will make future customization easier.

    Indeed, UserVoice / IdeaScale and so on are (roughly saying)basically at the end forum with some plugin for voting etc. I'm convinced that if nodeBB has that kind of features, user base will grow really fast. I already know some companies looking for that kind of program but the main problem is that pricing is always based per user which make cost horrible high if you want to open it to global world 😆

    Do you have any links/info regarding the questions and answer plugin ?

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    The other option would be to modify the theme you are using to add in the ad code.

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    @julian And where is /auth/yourplugin/callback handled? Because in the case of nodebb-plugin-sso-oauth it takes to the homepage of the forum. But i want to change that behaviour and i don't know where or how.