Best keyboard for iPhone

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  • Always enjoyed the glide typing on Android for years but it looks like iPhone is finally getting their own version with more features

    It's getting high marks in iTunes. What keyboard are you using for your mobile phone?

  • I gave swype a try because I loved it on android but for some reason it was so inaccurate on the iPhone. Maybe because i didn't use it enough. This Gboard looks pretty awesome though

  • @Bri

    I've never used the 3rd party Swype app so not sure how it compares but I'm guessing that gboard for iPhone is using the same gesture typing that comes standard on pure Android devices. So used to gestures that it's awkward using standard typing.

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    I am quite new to NodeBB. Is there a best practice or a proposed way to temporarily revoke a user's permission to post to the forum? Only allowing reading for a certain amount of time?

    I saw that a user can be banned (= from logging in) and I can also set a timer when the ban is being lifted automatically.

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    Thanks in advance! 🙂

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    Hello everyone,

    Those who haven't cast their votes yet, now we have entered the last week of the voting.

    Simply, go to this link, and select NodeBB as Best Forum Software.


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    It should work, but I would just do a fresh install on the new machine, you'll need to install the dependent programs anyway, and the rest of the install is fairly painless. After that, you can just copy your changed files and/or database dump.

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    Learn Javascript first, then head onto Node.js