Change post date and Change author possible?

  • Does the software support "change post date" and "change author" feature out of the box (or) does it have any plugins that can do this?

  • @vij not aware of any plugins but you can change it within the database.

  • @charles I will need to change dates and authors multiple times a day. So database tinkering isn't something I prefer.

    How's the developer section. Do you think I can get those 2 features done for $75. The developer can also sell them to others.

    I absolutely need those features to try couple of projects with nodebb.

    Damn this nodebb is fast as f.

  • @vij You might want to reach out to [email protected]
    I don't know their plugin pricing but those features don't sound like too much effort. And if you allow it to be licensed at their will (please be more precise on this, "sell them to others" might be more restrictive than you want to be) it might give you bonus points 😉
    I myself don't have much spare time right now, so I'm out of this.

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