Possible issue preventing altering winston log-level?

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    @PitaJ is correct, the option is called the "tags whitelist", and you can decide which tags to allow, and do so on a per-category basis

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    As the title says, I'm trying to make it so only admins/mods can upload or adjust the cover images for people's profiles. I've looked around the various hooks and what not, but I'm at a loss of how to achieve this.

    I was originally thinking I could edit the function of the upload/edit buttons and check if the person has the required permissions; but I cannot seem to find where their functionality is actually defined.

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    I think SSO will do the magic. But you will have to make your own plug-in to Integrate.

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    @julian Right, I understand. It just makes it difficult to migrate from a more traditional forum like phpBB (which is the most, or perhaps second-most, used forum software today). I think making it easier to migrate from phpBB's format could only help nodeBB gain more ground ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is the github issue I opened a couple weeks ago. It was closed, though I hope we can reopen it. I'm more than willing to contribute. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

    Posts from child categories are not shown on the home page. ยท Issue #2549 ยท NodeBB/NodeBB

    This becomes an issue when the parent category does not contain any posts directly, but has several child categories. Is there a way to adjust this behavior? If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated! ๐Ÿ˜„


    GitHub (github.com)

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    I run NodeBB on a CentOS server, which is a Hyper-V virtual machine. And I pass requests via a IIS server with ARR. I'm sure it works fine with websocket.

    It works OK when I have few members. But, when I put it online, I get something strange: members on my site sometimes logged in as others.

    Let me describe it more clearly : my username is oott123 as you can see, but after I visit some pages, or logged in after some while, I can see someone else 's avatar displayed on the top right corner. If I post a topic , the author will be he, not me. All of my operations seems operated by others.

    My code is here: https://gist.github.com/oott123/66a507a2cadbb26415aa

    I want to get the CIVITAS-Authentication cookie which has been setted by other applications without error; then send it to my API server to get email identified by CIVITAS-Authentication; then logged the user in.

    I think the problem is caused by the code around line 86 or 143. I even thinked about it's caused by async or node.js event loop, orz.

    There's some Chinese character in the comments, but you can ignore it.

    Thanks a lot for help me , and sorry for my poor English again.


    @a_5mith So do you still remember me at Topic 2593 ? I just really love NodeBB, so I hope there's some way to help me troubleshot it . ๐Ÿ™‚