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    how can I check if my password mongodb is well done During the Installation I left #auth = true after your install turned it on and then my base is no password?

    Restarting NodeBB
    root@vps259565:/home/nodebb# ./nodebb log

    Type Ctrl-C to exit

    26/4 10:22 [12696] - warn: [plugins/load] The following plugins may not be compatible with your version of NodeBB. This may cause unintended behaviour or crashing. In the event of an unresponsive NodeBB caused by this plugin, run ./nodebb reset -p PLUGINNAME to disable it.

    • nodebb-theme-persona
    • nodebb-plugin-mentions
    • nodebb-widget-essentials
    • nodebb-rewards-essentials
    • nodebb-plugin-soundpack-default
    • nodebb-plugin-youtube
    • nodebb-plugin-emailer-ssl-smtp

    26/4 10:22 [12696] - info: NodeBB Ready
    26/4 10:22 [12696] - info: Enabling 'trust proxy'
    26/4 10:22 [12696] - info: NodeBB is now listening on:

  • GNU/Linux

    I think I was able to solve. I changed: # nano /etc/mongodb.conf
    #auth = true
    auth = true

    and added to config.json

    "url": "http://x.x",
    "secret": "x",
    "database": "mongo",
    "port": 4567,
    "mongo": {
    "host": "",
    "port": "27017",
    "password": "XXX",
    "username": "x",
    "database": "x"

    if everything done correctly?



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