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    I'm having an issue when changing my user language to Japanese, it just doesn't seem to recognize it.

    I can see the json files in the public/languages/ja directory and they're mostly populated, but I just get a combination of English and labels when this is applied. Is this anything to do with the dropdown displaying ja_JP and the language directory being ja?

    Other languages work. Chinese simplified and traditional, Arabic and Korean are all fine.

    I have a team of guys who can complete the remaining Japanese translations but I need to get the existing ones working first, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    @julian & @baris, would it be possible to send you guys the completed json files for the completed translations, rather than go through the transifex interface? This would be a much simpler way for us to work with our team in Japan.

    Thanks a lot!

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    @snodejoke Surprised nobody has complained about this before. Fixing...


    We prefer Transifex only because it makes it much easier for our translators to work. It is difficult to push changes to Transifex from translation files, much easier to pull from Transifex 😄

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    Thanks Julian, you're a legend!

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