• Does anyone know of a plugin that will do this ?
    If a new topic is created, it will automatically post to a Twitter account.

    @{user/link to user profile} has just posted a new topic on {sitename}.
    Read it here... {url/bit.ly link} #hashtag #gathsah

    Sorry if I have missed it, but have been hunting for a while and not seemed to have found one.


  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @Craigusus don't think there is one. You can contact the NodeBB devs at [email protected] and they can build it for you for a fee.

  • I currently use TwitterFeed to do mine. It's been around a few years and has some good options for filtering and when to fetch topics and so on. Also caters for Facebook and LinkedIN, though I can't say i've had much experience trying them. It uses your RSS feeds to get new topics.

    Personally I'd prefer a built-in option but it does the job.

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