• I'm currently using a digital ocean droplet.

    I'd love to switch to a Nodebb hosted setup.

    Mainly so I didn't have to deal with updates etc.

    My page views are only around 10,000 a month tho.

    A smaller paid plan would be awesome.

    Is the $100 a month the cheapest?

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Hi @Phate! Unfortunately $100 is our lowest tier as we also provide hosting, backup, and support services.

  • @julian

    it was worth a hint hint nudge nudge 😉

    Serious tho appreciate the help that is at the forum... 👍

    My first attempt at running a web server and virtual server.... Heck even new with linux itself lol

    I'm one of those that always has questions about the update process..... every time.... lol

    Hopefully one day your big enough to also have a package for the little guys.

    Cheers again....

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