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    When I updated I forgot to mount config json to store it externally.

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    @pitaj thanks!😜

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    I'm having some troubles getting NodeBB up-and-running on Heroku. I've followed the official documentation and I seem to have followed every step correctly. I am however having troubles with the very last step unfortunately and I was hoping someone might be able to help me!

    Step 13: Initialise a single dyno: heroku ps:scale web=1

    Here's what happens in Terminal:

    MacBook-Pro% heroku ps:scale web=1
    Scaling dynos... !
    ▸ Couldn't find that formation.

    I've searched around the net already and some have mentioned it may be an issue with having an extension on the Procfile. I have checked this and there is no extension.

    I'm so close but yet so far! Has anyone encountered this issue before?! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Best regards,


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    @Jam haha yeah, google translate figured it out. It just took me a minute to realize I had to type it in Chinese characters.

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    @Gryphon00 said:

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
    Please fix it ASAP and keep me informed about the results. this forum is very important to me.

    Demanding we fix it will get you nowhere. You can ask for help though. 502 Bad Gateway means it's not running. Try running ./nodebb dev in your NodeBB folder and seeing if it either crashes and supplies an error, or loads as it should.

    Also Refer to the documentation, it'll likely be in there. Link to Documentation