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    FYI you were still getting the API key error when trying the built in SMTP maker probably because you didn't disable the mailjet plugin.

    An emailer plugin always takes precedence.

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    it was worth a hint hint nudge nudge 😉

    Serious tho appreciate the help that is at the forum... 👍

    My first attempt at running a web server and virtual server.... Heck even new with linux itself lol

    I'm one of those that always has questions about the update process..... every time.... lol

    Hopefully one day your big enough to also have a package for the little guys.

    Cheers again....

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    @connick out of curiosity, can you release some details?

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    Hmm... there's always /nickserv identify, but I have absolutely zero idea how that even works.

    What if you made your own bot that listened for private messages from users, and verified them? So all I had to do was /yourbot julian hunter2?

    Then your bot would probably communicate with a companion plugin on our end to verify users by username/password... There's a possibly MITM issue present if you don't use HTTPS though... less so if everything is on one machine and you're communicating via localhost connections...

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    @jwerre I see what you did there. 😉 I'll have a look around.