Error when opening chat room from the 'chats' page

  • Whenever I navigate to the url /chats and I click on a specific chat room to see the messages I get this error...

    /chats/NaN Not Found
    You seem to have stumbled upon a page that does not exist. Return to the home page.

    When I inspect the element of the chat room it shows the proper room id 1 in data-roomid so this must be a problem with the function.

    And I can get to the chat room successfully from the drop down in the header and also expand it from there. The url /chats/1 loads the chat room fine. It's just clicking on the chat room from the /chats page that gives me the error.

    There's no errors in the ./nodebb log or in the browser console log. Any idea how I could debug and fix this?

  • I found my problem and solution. I made a custom theme based off persona and was using an old version of chats.js. I updated the chats.js file in my theme folder and the problem disappeared.

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