Can not login after installation, get error message 'Forbidden'

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    I installed a new forum on a heroku server and when I connect via it works great
    But when I connect through my domain it is written to me "welcome back guest" but really stayed disconnected
    (I only use a subdomain, at the domain root I use for another site, I use cloudflare I set ssl and force ssl)
    I would be happy to help, thanks

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    When user load avatar from imgur : error this operation is insecure

    on firefox you have this error :

    on chrome

    when user upload an image in a post or for avatar, there is this error

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    I don't think it's possible to recover from an unhandledException, the plugin needs to check the post object to make sure it's not undefined. Or needs to wrap that part of the code in a try/catch.

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    It is a global privilege now on the privileges page.

  • Errors Search and Email

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    @pichalite said:

    @Defaultuser do you have the plugin nodebb-plugin-dbsearch activated?

    I believe links to email confirmation expire after certain time (need to confirm). Create a new user and try to verify it right away.

    I activated the search plugin. It works.

    I made a test account and still get that error. Also my admin account gets this error. I sent receive the email as soon as I login and the pop up asking to confirm it.

    *Edit trying to replace the nodebb logo in settings ends up have my logo and nodebb, where is the is the nodebb logo so I can replace it?