• I first noticed this when I ran into issues with jquery not executing on the ACP, but now with a separate installation, on a totally different server, I'm seeing it again.

    I can see clearly that jQuery or javascript isn't executing, but the browser console remains totally blank.

    In the previous case, another user here was able to display the contents from his browser console, but mine stayed blank.

    This time around, the lavender theme's masonry script isn't executing, but there's no output from my browser console. Thoughts?


    I am running this directly from an IP address without a FQDN. Could this be part of the issue?


    I started up nodebb in dev mode and watched the terminal, but I'm not getting any errors or warning after the site loads. I'm totally stumped why masonry.js isn't loading. It's not even showing up in the console's resources, but there was no error thrown either in the client or the terminal.

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