Building a Start Up Entrepreneurs forum, anyone help in setting it up. Community Works

Technical Support
  • Hey all,

    Exciting times for one and all, we are all growing in this community of forum, and it is awesome:)

    i am wanting to build a similar community in the Start Up entrepreneurs, and help with their journeys and ideas.

    i was wondering if anyone can help contributing in setting up the forum?

    Built for a good cause

    Thank you

  • No reason you couldn't pick up how to install nodebb, it's not as tricky as it looks.

    Refer to the documentation, it'll be in there. Link to Documentation

  • I do not want to sound like a dick, but if you cannot setup and manage a website by yourself, I wouldn't even try going for a real community. It takes ton of time to create a solid foundation and will cost you a lot of nerves as well. If you are not even willed to take the time to setup NodeBB (beginners may only need 20-30 minutes on a fresh system), how do you expect your community to work?

    Therefore go for what @a_5mith said and read yourself through the docs and if there is anything unclear or you need help with, feel free to ask on the forum as we are here to help each other. 😉 In the end none of us was born with all these skills, we all had to learn.

  • awesome bro will check it out thank you

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