Cyrillic symbols in customise the "Powered By" header sent by NodeBB field

  • Greetings .)
    We've tried to add some cyrillic symbols on "Customise the "Powered By" header sent by NodeBB" field in Avanced settings. After saving - it dropped the entire forum with admin panel itself.

    Got error:
    [ [global:500.title]]
    [ [global:500.message]]

    The header content contains invalid characters.

    Solved only via manual removal of this field in redis base.
    Is it a bug or...? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • NodeBB Admin

    Sounds like a bug, please post the content you used for the header.

  • ะœะพะนะžั„ะธั

    I want to note that cyrillic symbols in Title field works properly.

  • NodeBB Admin

    Seems to work fine


    Is that the entire content you put in that field? Do you get any errors in your nodebb logs.

  • Same entry in logs. The header content contains invalid characters. We've tried to add ะœะพะนะžั„ะธั both manually and via copy/paste so there's no possibility of adding some special symbols exept cyrillic.

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