• Hey people, I am extremely new to node.js, NodeBB & dokku but I've been trying to set up a nodeBB forum on my dokku image on digital ocean and although I have set up redis to work with the app when I run --setup it fails to connect to it, anyone else using a setup like this and any pointers for getting it working. The error I get is this;

    error: Redis connection to [IP ADDRESS] failed - connect ECONNREFUSED

    I have redis setup and dokku has linked the container to my forum container, I pass the correct IP & port during setup but the connection fails, I'm at a bit of a loss.

  • @Sp4rkR4t

    Is the redis-server running? And what distribution are you using?

  • It's the dokku application image on digital ocean, it's running on ubuntu 13.04. How would I check that redis is running in this setup, finding it quite confusing atm.

  • @Sp4rkR4t

    I've not used Dokku, but I'm guessing that it will be the same as checking the status of any server on Ubuntu. Try this command: sudo service redis-server status.

  • No, that just returns unrecognized service.

  • @Sp4rkR4t

    Ubuntu may not recognize it as a service, but maybe if you are inside the Dokku container, it will. Just a thought.

  • Just tried running;

    dokku run forum service redis-server status

    and it returned the same.

  • @Sp4rkR4t

    The obvious question then is, is Redis installed? I know you said you said that "set up redis to work with the app," but it doesn't seem to be showing that.

  • It does seem that dokku hasn't installed redis, trying to get it set up now. Through the guides I've been following and watching dokku auto-install and configure everything else I thought having the dokku redis plugin would install redis for my container, seems that isn't the case.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @sp4rkr4t Do you have the ability to execute redis-cli from your Dokku image? If you can ssh into the server and attempt to use redis-cli with the redis credentials, you can see if there's a problem establishing the connection from there.

  • I tried to put on nodebb Doku here on this a manual (nodebb wiki link).

    8 point is passed
    Instead 9th - you have to install the dokker-redis-plugin

    Eventually I got a working application on Dokku, but do not know how to make the configuration process, but I can not process console to answer the questions of the installer.

  • I rebuilt the dokku image and this time install redis-server via apt myself, then installed the dokku-redis plugin and set it up for my forum container as the plugin says, then I pushed the nodebb code and that all set up but still I cannot connect to redis during setup. This is a real shame that I cannot figure this out as I don't really want to move forward with putting the rest of my stuff in containers until I have this figured out/fixed.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Hm.. for Heroku setup, I ended up running node app --setup from my local machine, and then pushing the code including the generated config.json file, to the Heroku server. Perhaps something like that is required?

  • No with dokku you can push the node app --setup command to the container fine, just can't get the setup to talk to the redis server.

  • @Sp4rkR4t

    Is there an error log that you can pull info from so you have a better idea why you can't connect to Redis?

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Also, where is dokku in relation to your redis server? I'm assuming a containered instance won't understand to be your local PC.

  • @julian It's in a container created by the plugin which also is meant to tie it to the forum container. I think you are right that it can't interpret the address correctly as I just tried a clean install but this time with mongodb and that plugin and had the exact same issue.

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