Composer redactor not working as expected

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  • I was using composer-default and markdown plugin to create my topics for sometime. But i turned the plugins off and turned on the redactor plugin.

    After that, Whenever i go to a topic created with composer-default and markdown. The text alignments, colors, etc are gone and its packed closely.

    The redactor plugin is working if i create new topics. But how can i get my previous topics to be normal?

  • @Nisthar Ok. That was because of markdown plugin being disabled.

    I had to enable "Allow HTML" option to make redactor plugin to work.

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    @eeeee for what it's worth, it's internal policy in NodeBB that nvm and n NEVER be installed on our client machines.

    It's caused far too much headache for this very same reason. I think I have gone as far as to migrate an entire client site to another server just to get back to a node version I could control. It was rather cathartic to send the old server to /dev/null.

    Anyway, the problem here is as @phenomlab pointed out, is path related. Both n and nvm fmuck around with the symlinks in /usr/bin or /bin, etc., and there's no easy way to undo what those scripts do unless you run the uninstallation script.

    How do you know which uninstall script to run? You don't. Did you use nvm or n, and if so, which one? Who knows now. If you do know, does the script provide information (via --help flag or whatnot) to instruct you on how to uninstall it? Ha ha, of course not.

    Let me have apt control my dependencies any day. Warts and all. Rant over.

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    @PitaJ thank you for looking into this.
    I did reset my phone settings, and the error is still there.
    Maybe its a glitch on the network. I'll retry tomorrow.

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    nvm fixed

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    @verso Do you have the reputation system disabled? Check in ACP -> Settings -> Reputation.

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    thank you so much. i'm sorry that i haven't found this by searching, but I was in a hurry because we worked on launching a closed beta version of our board so things got a little bit hectic in the last days