• i install my nodebb at DigitalOcean..just run "node app"and then nodebb is runing..after i closed putty nodebb had been running for several hours but it just suddenly stoppd
    linking to vps and "node app" ,now wy site is running again
    is there something wrong in my step??

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    Hey @sunqi, check out the alternative options suggested here: https://github.com/designcreateplay/NodeBB/wiki/How-to-run-NodeBB

  • I would commend Forever and Crontab

  • oh i try supervisor in ssh ,but nodebb still stopped,then i use nohup and it woks. i use ubuntu this time

  • Please use forever as recommended by the nodebb team.

    Install it like mentioned in the How-To and run nodebb like mentioned in the howto. Thanks!

  • @sunqi I'd highly recommend against using Nohup, as if the server gets restarted, NodeBB won't automatically restart. At talk.kano.me, we use Upstart (native to ubuntu), and have a file that looks something like:

    description "Start the nodeBB instance"
    start on filesystem or runlevel [2345]
    stop on runlevel [!2345]
    respawn limit 10 5
    console log
    setuid nobody
    setgid nobody
    env NODE_ENV="production"
    env base_url="http://mysite.com"
    # If we change this, we have to reset all passwords, better than storing it in Git Config:
    env secret="SECRET KEY"
    chdir "/home/ubuntu/nodebb"
    exec /usr/bin/node app

    I've simplified this a little bit, but it's an example.

  • @miksago yeah thanks,i received an email from DigitalOcean hours ago and my nodebb stoped since the reboot.
    here is the email gos:
    " We've had to unfortunately reboot your Droplet wowcuc due to an issue on the underlying physical node that the Droplet resides on.

    We are investigating the health of the physical node to determine whether this was a single incident or systemic.

    If the physical node does not pass health and safety checks it will be removed from the DigitalOcean pool and your Droplet will be auto-migrated to a new physical node. You will recieve a separate email should that event occur."
    I want to know whether this failure and have relations to my setting

  • @sunqi in that case, I'd be spawning a new box and moving, and then deleting the old one.

  • Screen + supervisor is a good combo.

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