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  • Hi,

    I've just enable the Imgur plugin. A new picture icon has appeared in the Compose Box.


    (Yes, I''ve just confirmed that it is Imgur by posting this 🙂

    Is there any way to make it clear to a User that this is the proper way to insert an image in the Post ? Nothing shows when I hover the cursor over the little picture icon, and there are now two that are the same. Is there a way to change that icon to something that effectively says "click here to include an image from your computer in your post" ?



  • Using the custom CSS (which actually accepts LESS code) you could change the icon like this:

    .img-upload-btn>i:before {
      content: @fa-var-file-image-o;
    @fa-var-file-image-o: "\f1c5";

    EDIT: You can find the icon names here and the associated content here.

  • @frissdiegurke

    Thanks for your interest. My knowledge of CSS/LESS is rudimentary. Can you please explain what you mean in more detail ? (I know what Font Awesome is.)

    The following shows information about the icon in the Nav Bar with a cursor hover:


    Should this be showing in the Post Box ?

    Can it if someone codes it ? If so, this is a polite feature request 🙂



  • If you put the LESS I've posted within the Admin Panel of your NodeBB instance within Appearance/Custom HTML & CSS/Custom CSS the icon of the imgur plugin will change to file-image-o (replacing the current picture-o).

    The tooltip you're showing in that image is not possible via plain stylesheets. This would require some code change within the composer-default plugin and the imgur plugin. Actually I think this would be a great feature. You could create a feature request for this on github 😉

    EDIT: I like keeping references: ;D

  • @frissdiegutke

    Ah, got it.



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