v1.0.0: Amazon S3 Plugins - Confirmed Working

Technical Support
  • I started out with the nodebb-plugin-amazons3 plugin almost working fully under v0.9.3 and v0.9.4. When I say almost working I mean that it worked except for uploading user profile or group profile images. Those uploads failed with a 502 error. It seems that that plugin is un-supported now as no updates to it have occured for a few months.

    I have since upgraded my v0.9.4 dev forum to v1.0.0. The plugin almost worked under 1.0.0 also but even less so than under 0.9.4. Now when a user attempts to upload a profile picture or group profile picture the error causes NodeBB to crash. NodeBB becomes totally unresponsive.

    Digging around I found that there was an even older Amazon S3 uploader plugin that isn't available as a download from the ACP. It is nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads. I manually installed it (npm install nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads) into v1.0.0. It complained about missing dependencies. A bit more poking around and I found that my setup was missing the gm module. A quick installation of it (npm install gm) solved that problem.

    With my first pass of tests it appears that nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads behaves well, even better than the S3 plugin available via the ACP, under 1.0.0. I am able to upload images to posts and upload group and user profile images.

    I hope this helps those of you keeping score of what does or does not work with 1.0.0

    Thank you.

  • Update: nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads seems to be having problems with the group profile image. It uploads without error. Displays. You can even recenter it but after you navigate away from that page and come back to the group information it is no longer there.

  • Thanks for pointing out GM needs to be installed, look like nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads needs a package.json update.

    EDIT: It looks like somebody's working on it here, including the gm dependency: https://github.com/LewisMcMahon/nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads

  • @fenwick67 Another user, @lewismcmahon, has forked that plugin and is supporting it now. It is nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads-updated and can be found in the Download Plugins section of the ACP. No need to manually install the one I referenced originally.

    EDIT: It looks like you edited your post as I was composing this response.

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